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Batz 'n Balls Passwords

The password for Level 1 is ABOLISH
The password for Level 2 is ABROACH
The password for Level 3

Bob Demo

A bob demo, also known as ‘infinately animated bobs’ uses the Sam’s multiple screen feature, to give

Content of FAQ

How do I create content in FAQ which isn’t offered in the ‘create content’ list or is it simply not

Current Projects

Please add details of current project to this page DO NOT add them as a comment!


Games that weren't

Several software houses announced titles for the Sam, which never appeared. The earliest of these ea

Hardware Bugs

Known Hardware Issues and Bugs

  • The limit of 128 colour palette as opposed to the d

Hexagonia Passwords


  1. NONE
  5. DOLBY B
  6. ELFIE
  7. ...
Lemmings Passwords

By Geoff Bridges from Spectrum and Sam Profi Club Koln

[table !Level| !FUN| !TRICKY|

MasterDOS Hook Codes

Information from Frode Tennebø from the Sam Coupé Scrapbook

MasterDOS provides hook (

New SAM Hardware

After following the developement of the Mayhem (Hoping to buy one later in the year,skint at the mom

NVG Dskification

The NVG Dskification (being “The Making of DSK images”) was a project initiated by [[Dan Dooré]

Playing 128k Spectrum (AY-3-8912) music on SAM (SAA1099)

From Dan Dooré

Cookies Hot Butter demo used 128K music - source is here: [[

Praise for

Gavin Smith on Mon, 2006-05-01 23:22.

World of SAM is a fantastic site and I’m

Reflection fix

When using an RGB cable there is a lot of reflection

The fix is a simple one: remove inductor L5

ROM bugs

ROM 3.0

  • Type: def keycode 192,chr$ 58 then press F0.
  • Defining

Sam Coupé Timeline

Information originally from Tim Paveley taken from the Sam Coupé Scrapbook

[table !Year|

SD card for SAM that doesnt need disk access?

Hi. Does anyone know if there is an SD card reader/Mass storage for SAM which does not need a worki