Steve Taylor - Mouse Driver 2.0


From the README.64C on the disc:

“Mouse Driver v2.0 is Public Domain software and may, as such, be used and copied freely. You may also use it in this form for commercial software, provided appropriate credit is given.”

Tim Paveley - EGGBuM



“Our first major program was the game “EGGBuM” for the Sam. This was freely distributable, and was included on the popular Sam disk magazine “Fred”. A PC version, with additional features, is currently being written.”

Dan Dooré/Banzai Productions


All my work is now, as it was then Public Domain.

From the masses for the masses.

Colin MacDonald - Fred Magazine and other properties


From Colin MacDonald:

In case it helps, I’ll certainly not complain about anything I still hold
copyright to going up - although all the Fred magazines are already up,
there were some other mags I got in the end (Enceladus, SCPDU, Outlet), and
of course, all the commercial software - although I should point out that
certainly the copyright to the code of those will have reverted to
programmers long ago, but design, art, audio and other rights to most of the
titles probably still rest with me.

Andrew Collier - Syncytium


I have no objection to disk images of Syncytium being made available for download from
Andrew Collier, 7/2/06.

This item was published as PD


This item was published as Public Domain, or is believed to have been released into P.D. by the author.

Chris Pile - Defender


Chris writes on his website:

I’m releasing SAM DEFENDER as freeware. The copyright remains mine and the game must not be sold for profit or gain. I do not object to it appearing in shareware libraries or on SAM software compilation disks. I have no objection to others carrying the disk images as supplied on this site on their own site, providing nothing is added or taken away without permission.

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