Nick Humphries - Sam Juggler animated gif


Newsgroups: comp.sys.sinclair
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 17:41:33 +0100
From: Nick Humphries <>
Subject: SAM Juggler demo animated GIF

I’ve created an animated GIF version of tbe famous SAM Juggler demo using a hacked version of SimCoupe to dump an image stream. (124K)

Feel free to pinch and put onto a more appropriate website - can’t guarantee it’ll still be there in years to come.

Jarek Burczynski - ProTracker


My name is Jarek Burczynski (BZYK). I’m the SAM ProTracker 2 author.
Here is my permission to release the Protracker to the public.

Best regards,

Tim Paveley - The Sad Snail Collection


The Sad Snail Collection ….@/ byTim Paveley 1998

Except where otherwise stated the contents of this disk are copyright (C)1998 Tim Paveley.

EGGBuM is (C)1995 Tim Paveley & Steve Phillips.

QDOS is (C)1995 Simon Cooke.

This disk, or images of this disk may be freely copied and distributed as long as the contents are not modified in any form.

GM Software Granted


Gary Thomas was asked by me (Steve Parry-Thomas) for permission to archive the disk images and manuals as pdfs for GM-Base and GM-Calc.

“Would you be willing to let copies of your software for the Sam to be stored in archives / ftp / web sites as Disk images, and the manuals as pdfs ? ” - 7/07/2005

I have lost reply in my great harddrive crash of 2005, but it went somthing like “…Do what you want with the Software/manuals, we (Gary and Malcolm) had a great time working with SAM …..”

A few days later the GM-Base manual was sent by Gary with some of their adverts for the GM software. - The manual will be pdf sometime this year (2006) - so take it as permission has been granted for this software to be placed in the PD for all.

SAM Coupé ROM Images


From Simon Owen:

This archive contains many versions of the SAM Coupé 32K ROM image, released
with kind permission from the ROM author, Dr Andy Wright.

Thanks to Simon N Goodwin for supplying the files, which include two dumped
from pre-production hardware (and which only work with the early hardware!).

Beware - the early ROMs are very buggy, and tend to go mad once BASIC starts
paging. ROM 10 (version 1.0) requires the CALL after F9 or BOOT because the
ROM loads the bootstrap but fails to execute it. The address depends on the
RAM size:

On a 256K SAM:

CALL 229385

Or on a 512K (or larger) machine:

CALL 491529

Humphrey - Matthew Holt


From the REM’s in the BASIC file:

This is Public Domain so you can copy this and do what you like with this, cover it with Marmite and stick it up your nose if you really want to, but I will not be responsible if it fails to load.

Sam Coupé Adventure Club Issues


Taken from README.TXT inside the ZIP files:

Although copyright remains on everything included in this issue, it can be freely distributable via internet or BBS - so long as the content remains unchanged. However, reconstructed disks must not be sold (as disks) or distributed in any way without permission.

Putting this disk image onto any Compact Disc or large portable (ROM) computer media without permission is NOT allowed. This particularly applies to computer magazines who may want to do a retro computing special on a CD coverdisk, and ‘shovelware’ get-rich-quick CD merchants.

The extraction of ANY material, text, graphics, code, etc., for ANY commercial purpose is NOT allowed, and permission is unlikely to be granted.

Please do not contact any of the addresses or phone numbers that are in any of the articles. Some people have changed address, and others have no wish to be contacted.

Any queries should be addressed to Dave Whitmore

SCADS - PD Release


Quote from Revelation advert in Format Vol 11 No 11.

SCADS PD Yes, at last we are pleased to re-release SCADs - the arcade development system for SAM. Previously sold by GlenCo at £24.95 we have placed the software into the Public Domain

Edwin Blink - B-DOS


From the B-DOS Information file on disc:

The B-DOS code and B-DOS information are FREEWARE. This is a fully functional DOS and there are no silly restrictions whatsoever. Please pass it on to other SAM users.

Enjoy B-DOS.

Edwin Blink.

Tim Paveley - Sam Coupé Scrapbook Contents


I’m finding myself linking more and more entries to the Scrapbook so I thought I’d check that that was OK with you in the first instance.


The second thing I’d like to ask is how I link to the pages, if they are still updated then I can just link a URL but if they are effectively static now would you object to me taking the content and reformatting it on with a ‘Taken from the scrapbook’ link at the bottom?

To be honest, I’m unlikely to make any major updates, so copy if you prefer - if you do link could you use Sam Coupé Scrapbook link though, incase I move them again.


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