Nostalgia and Rum


I’d like to share my story of this evening. It’s rum fuelled, and maybe Dan will be deleting this when he next logs on, but actually, I think this sums up the SAM and how it sits in our consciousness.

Friday night in my house is curry night. Since having kids, the highlight of my week (other than spending time with kids obviously, shhhh) is curry night on a Friday. But tonight, I’ve also drunk some very nice rum, watched Marley, and scoured the internet for the SAM Coupe. I’m years and years overdue with the latter, but I’ve dipped in every now and again, I’ve just only really thought about it recently.

The SAM was a small, insignificant part of our lives. A failed Spectrum+++ with hardly any games.

But, actually, it was a really important part of my life. And yours, if you’re reading this. Weirdly so. I was the editor of FRED magazine for 3/8ths of its life. When I read the stuff I wrote as a teenager (which I did tonight), it’s pretty embarrassing, but actually, it’s also pretty incredible. The scene feels like a cult, a handful of celebrities in tiny little world, but a world that really, really mattered to everyone involved. And at the time I loved it, I really loved the job, and I loved the shows, and I loved the computer. I remember where I was when it suddenly didn’t matter any more. Shamefully it was with the lack of payment, and (in my eyes) the end of FRED.

But I’m delighted to see there’s still things going on. I’m delighted to see Colin Piggot is still producing stuff. It’s mind-boggling to think that’s happening, but also I’m giddy like a kid. And ashamed of myself for walking away so easily.


SAM Revival 24 out now!


Yes, it’s back! Yes, it’s been a long time! But issue 24 of SAM Revival magazine is now finally out!

Some of the highlights from this issue:

- News from around the SAM Coupé Scene.

- What happened to Sandman’s Shadow - information, screenshots and sketches from
Gordon Wallis about the point-and-click adventure game he was developing back in 1992.

- Developer Diary - Lots of info from SAM developers featuring a Space Invaders Arcade
Machine Emulator (Simon Owen), Wubtris + more (Rob Evans).

- Coupe Correspondence - lots of readers letters.

- SAM Comment - kicking around some potential new projects for the SAM Coupe.

On The Coverdisk:

On the coverdisk you’ll find the full game ‘The Witching Hour’ by John Vincent (who also painted the fab cover artwork for the magazine too!) There’s also the preview demo ‘Minutes Before The Witching Hour’.

This issue of SAM Revival costs £4.99 with UK postage, or £6.99 including Airmail postage for Europe.

BorderTron 3000 - Border Graphics Editor for SAM


Not sure if anyone here would be interested in this or not, but I’ve added (with much help from Simon Owen) SAM Coupé support to “BorderTron 3000”, my Border graphics editor originally for the Spectrum.

It lets you draw pictures, and spits out SAM *.dsk files that draw those pictures in the Border area of your SAM. - it’s a Windows executable, but it should be fine under Linux or MacOS with WINE.


anyone know where to find this demo please?

Spectrum titles with a SAM version on the other WoS


Spectrum titles which were also released on the SAM Coupe are now also listed on

SimCoupe for Android


Any chance of seeing more ports of SimCoupe or has the project been retired now? It is such a perfect emulator, and I’d love to see it running on the new tablets / phone running Android.

Real Time Worlds gone into admin


Realtime Worlds have gone into admin. No direct relevance to SAM, but this was the pairing of our very own Colin Macdonald and DMA Designs (who licensed Lemmings to SAM) and would probably not be the company it is (was?) today without our little blue footed friend.

BBC News story here:

And nice interview with Colin here where he talks a little SAM:

Best of luck for the future for all those involved. And thanks to Colin for all the great stuff he did for the SAM community (although I never realised (from the interview) he was involved in the Manic Miner licence - thought that was Dave, Bob and SAMCo?



SAM COUPE and software for ZX Spectrum 128


Yet is possible easy convert ZX128 software for SAM COUPE with 1MB external memory.

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