Online service currently in development for use with the Trinity Ethernet Interface. For more information see issue 22 of SAM Revival magazine.

SAM Coupe Hotline




A weekly telephone information update at premium rate in conjunction with Bruce Everiss.

Voiced by Bruce Gordon and Alan Miles up to and during the launch of the Coupé.

August 1989Bruce Gordon gives update on ZX Spectrum compatibility.
September 1989Alan Miles reveals problems with PCB design.
October 1989Alan Miles November 20th 1989 launch date, Production of printed material, Mel Croucher’s manual and Sam Technical Manual


SAM Supplement



Downloadable from NVG, go to

See Simon Goodwin’s Sam Supplement Pages.

From the Website:

This web site is a cut-down version of a CD produced for the 2003 ORSAM show in Norwich UK. To find out how to get your own copy of that rare SAM-specific CD, read to the end of this page. To learn why you’d want one, read on now.

The Supplement was originally started to bring together Sam owners, to give them a “Contact” with other Sam owners for the swapping of information and the exchange of ideas.

Over seven years, between September 1990 and September 1997 60 disks were produced (including the double disk issue 12) plus sundry extras like the Christmas Special, SAMForth, and games compiled by Supplement publishers Daton.

Sam Supplement was born when Brian Mumford and Dave Tonks came up with the idea together of an offshoot of their disk magazine for users of the Opus Discovery Spectrum disc drive, aimed at users of the new Spectrum-compatible Sam Coupe computer.

Sam Supplement was a non-profit project run by volunteers, with issues priced at just 50p if you supplied your own disk.

As Editor Dave Tonks reported in the 50th issue of the magazine:

Over the first five years we published 33.5 megs on more than 50 disks, with the average disc holding 695k. For those readers not familiar with “megs”, one meg is 1024k, and as each K is made up of 1024 bytes, 33.5 meg is 35,127,296 bytes, which is quite a figure - especially on a system like Sam, where a useful program might only occupy a few hundred bytes of disk space.



Tarquin Mills

See the links on WoMoteam’s Website

  • November 1st 2003
  • November 6th 2004

From Simon Owen

  • November 6th 2004

All Formats Show


Bruce Everiss

The All Formats Fairs were a touring set of shows selling hardware, software and everything in between.

Sam Software Club


Enigma Variations


The Sam Software club gave a 10% discount on titles from Enigma for a £10 a year fee.

Dalmation BBS


Dave Whitmore


BBS (Bullitin Board System) run by Dave on an Amiga for the ZX Spectrum and Sam Coupé Community.

A fore-runner of NVG.





GoodSamC is a ‘warez’ collection of copyright-infringing disk images created by Cowering’s Good Utils.

Many images are damaged or plain junk, content is inferior to the FTP site at NVG.

Sim Coupe


Public Domain


SimCoupe emulates a SAM Coupé on Windows, DOS, Linux, Solaris, BeOS, QNX, MacOS X, Amiga OS4, Pocket PC and now the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).

Work on SimCoupe was started back in 1996 by Allan Skillman as a Linux-based project called XCoupe.

XCoupe was written originally ‘hacked in’ in C++ and then re-written in ANSI C. This version was then extended into a Win32 port by Simon Owen called WinCoupe.

Simon took over the project and re-wrote the entire program merging the WinCoupe features back into SimCoupe and adding a plethora of extra ones including Dave Hooper’s native SAA Sound support, floppy disc and ATOM support.

Latest development version on Github -

Sam Coupé Scrapbook


Sad Snail Productions

Tim Paveley

The Sam Coupé Scrapbook first came into existance sometime around the start of November 1994, making it the first web site dedicated to the Sam.

Tim has kindly agreed for the contents of the current site to be replicated within World of Sam

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