David Gommeren

Lord Insanity

Aka Lord Insanity of The Lords originally a Spectrum-based coding group from the Netherlands.

David was responsible for the famous Tetris clone known to many as the game that launched Fred’s meteoric rise from a small fanzine to the powerhouse it became.

Most of Davids demos feature converted tunes by C64/SID master Rob Hubbard.


Tetris - Possibly the finest piece of PD for the CoupĂ©, in the scroller David alluded to wanting to do a clone of Arkanoid which he eventally produced as…

Batz 'n Balls - Superior Arkanoid clone with optional mouse control.


Silly Demo I - A MODE1 conversion of a Spectrum demo.

Sabrina Demo - A converted Spectrum sample demo with “raster interrupt desampler” in a time when most sample demos had to turn the screen off to get around the memory contention issues.

Little Joke - A Sam Sample demo with some of the worst jokes in history.

Tweety Demo - This baffled the public as it looked like a basic M/C demo with a scroller and music but was actually a game of clay pidgeon/skeet shooting when pressing ‘0’/Fire on the joystick, not that it gave any clue in the demo.

Batz 'n Balls Demo - A PD demo of Batz 'n Balls.


Screen Cruncher - Screen compression utility, heavily used but contains an infamous bug that alledgedly thwarted Simon Cooke’s Zub project.