Public Domain

Tim Paveley aka Unc

Steve Phillips aka Manga

1995 (88.31 KB)

Superb little game.

“It’s a wonderful game.” “Classic” - Colin Anderton (ex-editor FRED Disk Magazine)

“Helluva addictive.” - Graham Goring (Graphic Artist)

“Very nice and professional looking,” “nicely polished.” - Stefan Drissen (Professional Coder)

Written in GamesMaster by Dr Andy Wright, inspired by ‘Croco Magneto’ from the Amstrad CPC

nice game

Two days ago I spent 2 hours of playing this. Difficult one, but playability is really good. I think I’ll try it again soon!:)


I can’t remember calling this game a classic. Col.

Egg Bummed

exactly - if this is a Sam classic then the platform of games for Sam must be very poor.

For a free game - it is a

For a free game - it is a classic.

(Obviously Manic Miner & Prince Of Persia where better as commercial titles)

classic free games

Best classical free games have to be Mog & Dog, Fade, Mushies and Captain Comic.


Captain Comic was super, as was Lars’ other game Soul Magician

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