Stefan Schomburg


Born in Sigmaringen, Germany in 1972. Got in touch with the Sinclair world ~1983. First computer was a rubber ZX Spectrum 16K. Using ZX emulators on various systems across the years, he started using (and collecting) Sinclair and MGT hardware again. He attended some of the big computer meetings, such as Spectrum 30, QL30, most German meetings and the Classic Computing. He´s also an active member of the German ZX-Team.

Currently in use:
SAM Coupe 512K, 1 FDD, original condition
SAM Coupe 512K, 1 FDD, ATOM interface, HDD boot ROM
SAM Coupe 512K, 1 FDD, Trinity SD interface, Trinity boot ROM, PS/2 keyboard interface
SAM Coupe 512K, 1 FDD, Trinity SD interface

various add-ons

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