Nostalgia and Rum


I’d like to share my story of this evening. It’s rum fuelled, and maybe Dan will be deleting this when he next logs on, but actually, I think this sums up the SAM and how it sits in our consciousness.

Friday night in my house is curry night. Since having kids, the highlight of my week (other than spending time with kids obviously, shhhh) is curry night on a Friday. But tonight, I’ve also drunk some very nice rum, watched Marley, and scoured the internet for the SAM Coupe. I’m years and years overdue with the latter, but I’ve dipped in every now and again, I’ve just only really thought about it recently.

The SAM was a small, insignificant part of our lives. A failed Spectrum+++ with hardly any games.

But, actually, it was a really important part of my life. And yours, if you’re reading this. Weirdly so. I was the editor of FRED magazine for 3/8ths of its life. When I read the stuff I wrote as a teenager (which I did tonight), it’s pretty embarrassing, but actually, it’s also pretty incredible. The scene feels like a cult, a handful of celebrities in tiny little world, but a world that really, really mattered to everyone involved. And at the time I loved it, I really loved the job, and I loved the shows, and I loved the computer. I remember where I was when it suddenly didn’t matter any more. Shamefully it was with the lack of payment, and (in my eyes) the end of FRED.

But I’m delighted to see there’s still things going on. I’m delighted to see Colin Piggot is still producing stuff. It’s mind-boggling to think that’s happening, but also I’m giddy like a kid. And ashamed of myself for walking away so easily.

The SAM Coupe is also really fucking expensive on EBay. Balls. Where did mine go? Ballllllls.

So hats off to anyone still turning up here and reading this. I’ll be in touch. Sorry I’ve left it so long.

Colin (an unpopular name in the real world, but an incredibly common name in the SAM world) Anderton