The Lost Disks of SAM


Black Jet

Andrew Gillen

Andrew Gillen/Jaco van der Walt/Dave Hughes

Jaco van der Walt


Based on The Lost Tapes of Albion, a game originally written by Dave Hughes for the ZX Spectrum. With four levels of difficulty and twelve stages per difficulty level, guide Moebius around collecting the “lost disks of SAM”, a collection of games that were never released (let alone existed, with one recent exception) for the SAM CoupĂ©. Along the way pick up some new clothes for your wardrobe, and even pick your favourite underwear colour at the start.

Redefinable controls, default are Q/A/O/P for up/down/left/right. Use the teleporters to go up and down the level, moving left or right through the screen boundary wraps your player around to the level above (left) or below (right).

I accesses the info screen, R from there to define keys. Space pauses, starts the game. Esc can be used to exit back to the main menu. Menu screen serves as a limited playable demonstration of the core teleporter concept and is used to select the difficulty level.

Hold down Esc when unpausing to quit back to the menu.