What is the purpose of worldofsam?

  1. To collect information and files relating to the Sam Coupe, before everything is lost to the mists of time and floppy disk sector errors.
  2. Wherever possible, to make all that data available for everybody to download, and serve as a resource for any visitors looking for all information about the Sam.


What about how to guides? Even something like how to use the Atom drive and set it up in easy steps on SimCoupe would be welcome.

The FAQ could or should be used for this?

Re: Articles

I had imagined that the Appendix category would be used for that sort of thing.


was there a review anywhere for this apart from the pages of fred etc
it wasnt anywhere near teh vd9950 of the turbo r msx was it or the gx4k/cpc+
pity with 32k colours the mayhem might be able to interlace mode 3 - how can the 20mhz processor access video ram at this speed without replacing video ram with 20mhz variety please?

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