Blitz magazine was a replacement for SAM Prime (from Phoenix Software Systems) and was launched when the rights to the Phoenix titles had been obtained by Malcolm Mackenzie.

It was originally edited by Steven Pick, although from issue 2 onwards, it was edited by David Ledbury.

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Blitz magazine disk

Realy cool magazine disks these - I only have a couple of them but I’m well impressed - I’d love to have the lot of em - cool sountracks, wicked tools and games (128K speccy games are rather cool 2) - They are certainly NEXT LEVEL from FRED which I also love, as most will agree contributions wore thin toward the demise of FRED but BLITZ made up for this - certainly the best magazine disks around - pure 100% quality…..its a shame they are so rare

Thank you :) They should be

Thank you :)

They should be available again soon for a slight donation, from a leading SAM site… all money donated to charity as a tribute to Malcolm Mackenzie - the founder of Persona

Were these ever made available?

It’s almost seven years since this thread was last posted to. So was Blitz ever made available?

I imagine there are quite a few recent SAMsters who weren’t involved with the SAM in the 90s. Therefore, they missed out on seeing these the first time around!

Perhaps it’s time to release them to the SAM community (via this WOS website) as PD??

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