Spectrum and Sam Profi Club Koln


Spectrum & Sam Profi Club Cologne!

With these pages we want to introduce our club. We are people mostly from Germany, sharing a hobby, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and/or the SAM Coupé!

Please take your time and look at our pages, we are sure that you will find much information, like Photos and Circuit Diagrams, Software, mostly for Download, many Information about our Club, and most important: Contact to other people that are sharing the same hobby: The Sinclair ZX Spectum or the SAM Coupe!

Short summary: we provide downloads of software, download of our paper mag, introduction of our club and useful information for membership!



just in case anyone interested to see 6mhz 48 stuff running above 32768 on sam - no 128 or mulitface or .kul emulator explosion as yet…

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