SAM Juggler


Codigo Software

Rafael Hornos

Juan C. Martin

1992 (140.17 KB)
samjuggler_animated.gif (119.99 KB)

Demo showing a ray-traced Sam robot juggling.

Animated Gif version generated by Nick Humphries using a modified version of SimCoupe. (granted)

Sam Juggler Demo

I love this demo, it shows what the Sams realy capable of, a shame its the only demo that realy does this…

Huh, thanks…


You do know that it’s pre-rendered, right?

Sam Juggler demo

Okay - maybe I’m making harsh judgements about that - I’m merely comparing it to demos from the Sam hey-day, y’know - the original era when us Sam users still had hope that the machine would be a success….I realise there have been loads of mint demos since then…., although considering how old the demo is, its a true masterpiece!


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