Spell Master


Fred Publishing

Darren Clarke

Brian McConnell


Spellmaster.zip (not yet approved)

Word Processor with spell checker and anagram solver.



taspell +3 was 70,000 word dictionery
anyone remember how many spell master offered?

over 80,000

According to the notes on Fred 24B:

… has over 80,000 words (on 512K machines - approx 30,000 on 256K)…

it tells you on the scanned image

so you managed to delete my post great how did you do it do share!
taspell is 128?+3
Tas-SpellPlusThree.dsk.zip 143,572
140kb disc image and 70,000 words?
800kb on sam disc only 80,000? what does 256kb have to do with it? leave the disc in the drive?

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