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Nev Young


The first IDE interface for the Coupé, ran under HDOS

i know i know three messages

i know i know three messages all the same sheeesh i didnt do it honest …


was it also masterdos networking and external ram compatible please?
did it loose ½ the hardrive capacity thanks to 16bit ide to 8bit data bus conversion like the atom lite?
how many hardrives - 0 marks& 1 spencer - or all four ide channels like a PC?
was there parallel on the device? serial?
was the parallel like the indug format SPI capable of sending and receving - though not asynchronously(is that at the same time?)
is it impossible to add a DMA to such a device?
did anyone manage to PEEK at the micro command interface scan in skydrive - was a bit blurry but there’s a 2mhz80a on there - dunno bout ram/rom some machine code from the manual says something about a 46tstate hit - maybe something to do with communicating with the other z80 - does an interface with its own processor mean that its clock would fluctuate because of the ula on the speccy or the asic on sam adding the video ram wait states or is it impossible for both processors to share internal/external/rom chips?

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