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SimCoupe emulates a SAM Coupé on Windows, DOS, Linux, Solaris, BeOS, QNX, MacOS X, Amiga OS4, Pocket PC and now the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).

Work on SimCoupe was started back in 1996 by Allan Skillman as a Linux-based project called XCoupe.

XCoupe was written originally ‘hacked in’ in C++ and then re-written in ANSI C. This version was then extended into a Win32 port by Simon Owen called WinCoupe.

Simon took over the project and re-wrote the entire program merging the WinCoupe features back into SimCoupe and adding a plethora of extra ones including Dave Hooper’s native SAA Sound support, floppy disc and ATOM support.

Latest development version on Github -


Sim Coupe has been ported to the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) by the aptly named ‘zx-81’.

External link

And I can confirm that it actually works, after a marathon effort at getting homebrew working on my PSP with firmware 2.60. Sophistry is now playing its title music - at a somewhat inconstant rate, apparently 333 MHz is not enough to emulate a 6 MHz 8 bit computer… ;-) (screen shot added to main product page…)

What PSP chat site has to say about Sam Coupe Emulator

Check out what a PSP site has to say about the Sam COupe Emulator for the PSP:
PSPSIM v1.0.1 released - SAM Coupe Emulator for PSP
Posted May 25, 2006 at 10:01AM by Timo K.

Listed in: Homebrew Emulators, News, MGT Sam Coupé
Tags: eLoader, zx-81, sam coupe, pspsim zx-81 has released a SAM Coupe emulator for the PSP! It’s based off the SimCoupe emulator for the PC, and while some work still needs to be done regarding speed, save states and so on, it works surprisingly well.

Most people probably don’t know the SAM Coupe home computer - that’s not surprising, as it was a commercial failure which brought it’s manufacturer, Miles Gordon Technology, to bankruptcy. Perhaps the SAM Coupe will now get a piece of the popularity it would have deserved as it was a really cool little machine. First released in 1989, it was a 8-bit computer and while being very advanced for that, 16-bit technology was about to be introduced to the mass market. It didn’t help either that very few software houses supported the SAM Coupe’s development proved to be rather difficult.

Nonetheless, the SAM Coupe software library included lots of disk magazines, as well as ports of popular games like Klax, Lemmings, and Prince Of Persia. And as with many home computers, a tight-knit community exists around the SAM Coupe still today. So there is really some fun to be had with PSPSIM - versions for both FW 1.5 and 2.5 (using Fanjita’s eLoader) are provided.

Download: [PSPSIM v1.0.1]
Read: [Forum Release Thread]

What Amiga Chatroom site says about Sam

I was readin thru this Amiga site and it was talik about the Sam - I cant remeber the exact http and reiteration but it claims that the Sam is ‘a third part attempt at releasing a super spectrum with Amiga like capablities’ - most of the users on the chat room who are computer mad never heard of it and were asking lots of questions on it - one user asked ‘where can I get 1? they look cool’ another was goiing on about the shape of it - they said ‘it looked realy mint’ - intersting to see the different opinions on the machine from those whgo know nothing about it - certainly a cult classic…

SimCoupe SDL

The SDL version (i.e. Si Owen’s main development tree) compiles and runs perfectly on MacOS X so there’s probably no need to link to Richard Bannister’s GPL-breaking version, which is based on a really old source tree and won’t run timing-heavy demos nor load protected disk images.

A later version yet?

Simon’s site ( shows version SimCoupe-0.90-beta-20050131.exe - which I take to be 31st of January 2005? Is there a later version of this awsome emulator available yet?

Drop me an email

Drop me an email and I’ll send you the current development build, which is pretty stable now. That beta builds page was a bit of a bad habit, and I’ll be doing everything through the main site from 1.0 :-)

Xbox conversion?

Any chance of a compile for the Xbox? It emulates nearly everything else, but no Sam as of yet?

For a handy forum for Xbox emulators, and a bloke (Xport) who is looking to take on new Emulator challenges with open source code, have a look here:

Unlikely from me

I don’t own an Xbox so it’d be difficult for me to do it. The SimCoupe source code is reasonably portable now, so it shouldn’t be a big job for someone with the appropriate SDKs and experience - particularly if the Xbox is covered by the SDL or Allegro libraries.

I did a lot of work towards a Dreamcast port, but the relatively slow CPU and minimal cache means it’s going to need a fair amount of optimisation before it’s fast enough to use. The Xbox should have no such trouble in that respect!


Just a query really, as to the possibilities of SimCoupe on Android?

I’ve got an HTC Desire, and it would be superb to be able to run SimCoupe on it. :-) Though frankly, I’ve not looked into Android much, and have no idea whatsoever about the feasibility.

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