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Steve Parry-Thomas

Maintainer of the Sam Coupé Pro-Dos [CP/M 2.

Stefan Schomburg


Born in Sigmaringen, Germany in 1972. Got in touch with the Sinclair world ~1983. First computer was

Stefan Drissen

Solar Flare

A long long long time ago: learnt basic on the Atari 2600 (63 bytes of memory)
A long long time ago

Spectrum and Sam Profi Club Koln


Spectrum & Sam Profi Club Cologne!

With these pages we want to introduce our club. We are people

Slawomir Grodkowski



Wrote Superball and Commix Terminal emulator as used to access the [[Dalmation BBS

Simon Owen



Developer of Sim Coupe and Sam Disk utilities.

Simon Goodwin

Simon N Goodwin

Technical editor for Crash.

Simon Field

Simon Chesters

Coder and artist with Zenith Graphics

Simon Cooke


One of the most prolific coders for the Sam.

As well as a lot of output for Fred and [[SCPDU]

Shane Smith

Producer of SAM Amateur Programming and Electronics

Sean Conran


Primary musical artist for Enigma Variations

Sean Bernard


SD Software

Software house run by Nev Young, was eventually sold to Format Publications.



SamTek was a hardware development venture formed by Bruce Gordon around the time of SamCo.

Sam PD

Public Domain Library and magazine run by Derek Morgan.

SAM Newswire

Website produced by Gavin Smith which has regularly updated SAM Coupé news and info on new deve

Sam Computers Limited


From the ashes of Miles Gordon Technology came Sam Computers Limited.

SamCo went into recieve

Robert van der Veeke

RJV Graphics

Artist and animé fan.

Rob Mies


One quarter of The Lords, originally a Spectrum-based demo group from The Netherlands.

Rob wa

Rob Holman

One of the original Sam games programmers, and responsible for most of Enigma Variations’s Sam o