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I haven’t defined a “policy” about this, as such, but I’m thinking I might try to get drupal to expire (or at least, hide) old comments after a couple of weeks, on person/company and product pages. It probably doesn’t serve a useful historical purpose to preserve conversations like “Can you change such-and-such?” “Yep, done that” - any useful corrections should be incorporated into the page text instead.

Any objections?

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I’ve removed CamelCase freelinking (aka StudlyCaps). I don’t think any pages were actually using it, and it caused problems for names like Brian McConnell.

When you click on a free link which doesn’t yet exist, and then select the correct page type from the list, the Title is filled out for you automatically.

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I’ve added a Site Feedback page. Please use that as the appropriate place to leave comments and questions.

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The search box at the top of every page should now be working correctly.

New feature in product and person/company pages

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I’ve made it possible to link to a node, when describing that copyrights are Granted or Declined (just type the node number underneath the pop-up menu).

Hopefully this will help me moderate file uploads more quickly, since it can link to documentation which proves that copyrights are granted (rather than me having to trust one person’s word, who might not have the authority to say so).

How many extra power supplies did you buy?


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This site should now be exporting an RSS feed containing all new submitted content. If you have a suitable feed reader, you can subscribe to see new content as soon as it appears (several browsers, such as Firefox or Safari, include this functionality).

All you need to do is add this feed to your bookmarks.

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What is Internet explorer complaining about a DNS problem for?

I saw it too, note that both computers are on AOL and probably I.E. - wonder if Firefox might fix it but why is that related to DNS?

I can at least submit a story. Can I update it?

Apparently so. What is different about the FDOS library page?

Is it because of the length of the submitted text? (One would hope that ~2000 characters shouldn’t be taxing the server…)

When FDOS public domain was operating it sent out an “introduction leaflet” about the FDOS disks. It told you how to use the disks and what was on them, here is that information.

Public Domain


It has been a long while since the first FDOS list of Public Domain & Shareware programs. I am sorry to say that I have been rather badly let down by some of my sources in the USA, but have (Hopefully) found more reliable ones, which I hope will enable me to get the next list out much quicker than this one.

As before some disks are not complete, but will still be made available to you at the full price, with a very favourable update policy. Pricing is very simple, being 2 pounds per disk (Unless stated otherwise) inclusive of postage and packaging. Updates to disks whose status is described as NOT COMPLETE are FREE if submitted with an order, otherwise return postage should be sent with the original disk.

If you are unsure of the Status of your own disks, please take a look at the file ‘-FDOSnnn.DIR’ (Where nnn is the disk number). This file is always the first file on the disk. The contents of the file consists of the descriptions of the programs as in the FDOS lists. but may be more up to date. Comparing these files with the contents of the latest printed lists should give you a good idea on how up to date your own collection is.

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