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Site Maintenance

Due to an outbreak of comment spam, I have implemented a simple CAPTCHA process for unregistered users. Anonymous comments are still allowed, but before comments can be posted you must prove you’re not an automaton by typing the requested word into the box provided.

This change does not affect logged-in registered users.

Some downtime on Saturday

Site Maintenance

I’ll be performing some updates to the software which drives worldofsam on Saturday afternoon or evening. Don’t be surprised or worried if worldofsam is temporarily unavailable.

Another Golden ASIC on eBay


Another Golden ASICs on eBay:

Item expires 31-May-06 20:15:00 BST

Golden ASIC on EBAY


Colin MacDonald writes on the Sam Users Mailing List:

I’ve stuck one (Golden ASICs) I still have up on eBay in case anyone else is interested

Item expires 15-May-06 23:07:59 BST

Functionality Musings

Site Maintenance

Some thoughts I’ve had:

1. A field of ‘More Info Required’ that can be listed in a similar way to ‘Missing in Action’ to show which entries are a bit light on content or where the author is unsure of the info?

2. A related people list like related products?

3. Can the related products do a less-fuzzy match so that it treats the freelinked text as whole rather that as space delimited so that ‘Andy Monk’ doesn’t match any other ‘Andy’s?

4. Removing anonymous comments or adding anonymous editing with registered users able too roll-back to pervious versions.


Front page

Site Maintenance

Can we have a quick link to ‘Hardware’ as there is probably enough content to justify it?

Products List

Site Maintenance

Is it possible to add the type e.g. game/utility to the listing on the ‘Products’ list?

Reason being is that for items that are created just as ‘Software’ (the default) it’s hard to check if they have been correctly allocted to a catagory.

SAM featured in Retro Fusion magazine


Issue 1 of Retro Fusion, a brand new magazine which should now be available in branches of GameStation, features a 4 page article covering the history of the Sam as well as the history of Quazar, written by Colin Pigott.


Site Maintenance

Person/Company pages now have a new field: AKA. Freelinking links will search the AKA field if there is no match among page titles. So now AXE and Ian Slavin should link to the same page, for example.

NB. text matches must be exact. This means that only one alternative moniker can go in the AKA field.

I suggest we stick to a convention, that real names are used in page titles if at all possible, and the moniker goes in the AKA field.

Which rumoured work-in-progress would you most like to see finished?


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