New Hardware


Just realised i put this under the wrong title!

After following the developement of the Mayhem (Hoping to buy one later in the year,skint at the moment) i was wondering what next piece of hardware would the SAM community benefit from.

We have memory expansions, Sound processors, Hard drive and now the Mayhem which is great as it brings our beloved 8bit slightly more up to date but what would people like to see, i would like to see something done on the graphic output with some emphasis on scrolling and hardware sprites although this could be hard for backwards compatibility and possibly expensive but could be great.

I understand that with the Mayhem running at 20mhz scrolling would be fine but were still limited to 16 colours and also with the limitations of the Z80 only allowing us 64k at a time could make this difficult.

What do you think ?

Your favourite disk magazine?


Sam Revival issue 16 now out...


Issue 16 of Sam Revival magazine is now out from Quazar. (Click here for pricing and ordering details…)

Sam Revival is a printed magazine with spot colour and an accompanying cover disk of software and aims to be packed full of Sam Coupé news, interesting features, articles and interviews, catering for everything Sam related.

This issue features the full Sam game Colony on the coverdisk, which was
written by Derek Koselo. Colony is a Sim style game where you setup and
run a planetary mining colony. This game also features full support for the
Quazar Surround soundcard if you have one.

Inside the magazine you’ll find an interview with Derek discussing the game
as well as his other work on the Sam. Another feature article takes a look
at the work started on the game Chrome by Colin Piggot and delves into what was planned
and the article is accompanied with lots of colour shots. And there are all the other
regular sections including the new combined news section, letters pages and
Sam Snippets.

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SAM2_GB - Gameboy emulator


From Johan Koelman

“After SAM2ZX81 I am working on a new emulator, named SAM2GB.

This is a gameboy emulator running on a standard SAM Coupe, without i.e. a Mayhem Accelerator.

The progress can be followed at


Dr Beep”

Sam Revival issue 15 now out!


Issue 15 of Sam Revival magazine was released back in July. (Click here for pricing and ordering details…)

Like the previous issue, issue 15 features spot colour throughout the magazine to add life to screenshots and photographs. This issue starts off with the regular news section, which looks in detail at the completition of the prototype of the Mayhem Accelerator which speeds the Sam Coupe from it’s normal 6MHz speed up to 10, 16 and 20MHz! The Sam Scene Roundup looks at news and announcements from around the Sam world including the work-in-progress of an emulator to emulate the Space Invaders arcade machine, the port of Sim Coupe emulator to the Sony PSP.

The feature article in this issue takes a look at The Kaleidoscope interface which was released briefly in 1992 by SamCo which offered 32768 colour shades, but in reality was totally unusable. Other magazine contents include the Coupe Correspondense letters page and the Sam Snippets!

The coverdisk with this issue features the classic Sam adventure game Legend of Eshan by John Eyre

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Site Maintenance

Apologies for the downtime.

The computer which hosts suffered a hardware failure (the CD drive suddenly went bananas, and was spreading enough rubbish on the IDE bus to disrupt communication with the hard disk. As a result the boot filesystem was corrupted beyond feasible recovery, and we installed a new replacement Ubuntu, containing new versions of all the software - meaning that every service has had to be checked in turn to ensure the configuration is compatible with the update).

There was no damage to the database files nor the images archive. All parts of worldofsam should now be working normally, so please email me if you find something which isn’t.

What was the best freebie game - Apart from [[Tetris]]

18% (2 votes)
Mog & Dog
0% (0 votes)
Captain Comic
36% (4 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Soul Magician
18% (2 votes)
18% (2 votes)
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9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11

Utility programmer for the SAM SC_ Steves Software coming soon


I’m Steve Nutting the Sam Coupe Utility programmer with thanks to Simon Owens new Sim Coupe and renewed interest in the Sam will upload my vast catalogue of software.

This will take time as I don`t for example have a PC that will accept an internal floppy drive, only USB which will not except Floppy Disc loading on Simcoupe.

I started off with SCASSEMBLER in May 1990 5 months after the Sam coupe was first released most of the work was done on the Spectrum months before the Sam came onto the market.

Some of the other authors earlier Sam programs were created with my Assembler.

The last program was SCWORDPro one of the longest and complex programs I had written.

I also hope to upload all the source for all the utility software as well as the pdf manuals, so you can see for yourself just how hard I had to work as I created my own routines rather than use the Sam Rom.

This will also quickly verify and prove that I have indeed programmed and allowed my software to be shared with all those interested.

All the best,

Version 1.0 of SimCoupe released


A new version of Sim Coupe has been released! Version 1.0 has got lots and lots of new features, including:

  • Compatibility will all Sam Coupé software
  • Also supports some external Sam peripherals (mouse, printer interface, SamDAC, hard disks, clocks)
  • Support for Extended DSK images, for software with unusual disk formats (some worldofsam disk images already require this)
  • Runs on pretty-much every current platform (Windows, MacOS X Universal Binary, Linux, Solaris, Pocket PC, BeOS / ZETA, DOS, Amiga, PSP)

    It’s Free - download it today!

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